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Saturday, December 1, 2007
  Real-time Responses
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Hey UK,
What's this blog all about?

Hello LCB,
This Blog is about people, real peopel in real live. I strive to look out for children and women in Africa. It's awesome to see big ol' smiles one faces of these children that was once full gloom and sadness. This blog is huge. If you have any story idea and comment about African children, familes or women, we will like to hear from you.and please don't forget to tahe a trip to our website Voices of Women and Children.Org (vowac.org)

Eucharia Mbachu
Ms. Mbachu's story is an absolute inspiration, especially for those who have ever felt the pull to help others in need. Many of us have the good intention to want to make a difference and we may feel great waves of sympathy at first glimpse of a homeless child in a photo; but how often do we actually make sacrifices in the moment to truly make a difference?
Ms. Mbachu deserves much applause for her courage and creativity in making the best out of a very heartbreaking situation. She began new and hopeful lives for a group of young boys who believed they had finally found their 'mother'. Little did they know that their grateful hearts and words would help to inspire her to become a mother to even more children in need.
What a beautiful beginning to such a strenuous, meaningful and selfless journey!
Hello Lauren,
Thank you for your encouragement on what we are doing to help these poor children who desperately need our help and love. There are still millions of homeless children and women in Africa that need support and help. What these people go through on a daily bases is beyond words. We encourage financial support and volunteerism. Once again thank you so much.
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