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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
  My Trip to Sudan: A Trip of Dialogue
I am pleased to join my colleagues in presenting our views on our recent trip to Sudan. The primary purpose of the trip was for us to get direct personal experiences in Sudan and to gain adequate information to understand better the political dynamics of the Sudanese crisis.
Darfur as a part of the larger problem of Sudanese political system, but they have succeeded in particularizing their situation as peculiar only to them.
The Sudanese government is very appreciative about activities of some international groups that the Sudanese government perceives to be hostile to them. And this makes it very difficult for them to believe the sincerity of those committed in working towards peace in Sudan.
This skepticism and cynicism are sustainable, judging from the way Darfur has been used internationally, as a propaganda tool. And the danger here is, as the propaganda gets louder, the paranoia and distrust get greater. In light of this, Salaam Sudan sponsored this group with an objective of finding a way to reduce skepticism and cynicism from all concerned. And also Salaam-Sudan calls to attention the misconception about Sudan in general and Darfur in particular.
Therefore, any group or organization that does not work towards bringing the people outside of Sudan together, should not talk about Sudan. Because it is very crucial to understand that the falsifications of events in Darfur pose a greater treat to the stability of the nation.
It is equally very important to know that the Sudanese people, whether from South, North, East or West or Darfurians, are all tired of wars. These Sudanese are also tried of being refugees in their country and being disrespected and gathered in compounds run by UN agencies and other NGOS.

What I heard in Sudan is that the people want peace; this is to say, peace from within Sudan and outside the country. On this account, I call all who are here today to work for peace in Sudan and work harder for justice in the land.


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