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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
  What Darfurians Need
Is that the sitting President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan must level with his own people and make firm commitments to help bring peace in Darfur. The same serious purpose of dialogue with the Southern Sudan should be extended to Darfur. In order for the government to succeed, it must not allow its paranoia to dissolve the effects of the unifying effects of the CPA because of the external and internal schemes of its detractors. Any vilification from Khartoum can adversely threaten the peace in Southern Sudan which could destabilize and disintegrate the country. I am saying this because there are certain groups working to undermine the success of the CPA with the simple objective of advancing the cause of the Darfur rebels though the collapse of the Khartoum agreement with the South. Under such circumstances the culprit in their own logic would be the Sudanese government.

Our mission was to present a new paradigm which offers another way of bringing peace to Darfur; such an approach is designed to spare the Darfurians from being kept as tools of foreign propaganda to advance selfish interests. This approach pays close attention to the fact that Darfurians are marginalized and deprived of their livelihoods and dignity. There is great injustice in that part of the country and the opponents of the sitting government are using the present state of affairs to argue that the Sudanese government is the source of pain and grief to the Darfurians especially women and children and the elderly. .
The point should be made here that leveling with the world on matters relating to Darfur and the rest of Sudan is the precondition for any meaningful treaty to bring peace in Dafur and in the rest of the country.
One more thing – The IDP Camps pose a very serious threat for terrorists. The consequence of young people being dependent on others for daily basic living such as water or food is obvious to all observers. We all heard tales of terrorists hiding behind the miseries of the afflicted people in Darfur and elsewhere. Let Peace prevail. Let us safe the furure of Darfur children and let the flag of peace stand still all over Sudan.
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