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Saturday, June 27, 2009
  A Tribute to Micheal Jackson: By Eucharia MBachu
Michael Jackson dies at age 50; this is bad new for the music industry and for Michael Jackson’s fans across the world. The news of Michael’s death is reverberating in the firmaments all over the world. It is news to many in different ways. Many people, both famous and ordinary fans, are trying to make sense out of his sudden death, while the news media especially the Fox news are concentrating on trying to create an evil genus out of him. What a pity!

Even in death FOX news still portrays itself as the champion of pork news, the king of false and demeaning of greatness. How low can FOX news go to humility Michael? According to this champ TV station of Mis-information, “Michael tried so hard to be like Elvis” One Ms. Carole Lieberman even went further to say while being interviewed on the FOX News that “Michael became more and more like a child” And Pat LaLama, said on the same interview that “Michael was like a child in a man’s body, full of shame and self loathing, (who) felt that he was the lord”.. How could Fox News hate so much even when his children and the rest of Michael’s Jackson’s family are in such despair. These people have continued to ignore the fact that one is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Was Michael proved guilty, NO; so what’s the problem here? The answer is hatred!.

Michael Jackson was unique, although the press has been very apologetic towards him. They tried to ruin his reputation, but couldn’t because he was a true artist whom they did not appreciate even after death. In my view, Larry King has been outstanding in his support for him even after his death. He has the moral courage to debunk all the snitches against him. Larry is a true lover of humanity.

All we have been hearing over the last 20 years was how Michael Jackson changed his skin color. Did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps pressure was put on him to do this so that he could commend a more grand commercial value? In order for him to be accepted, did they succeed, yes, did Michael succeed?

. I will get into the specific on these issues later, but first let us join with his fans all over the world to celebrate and mourn the life and death of this music icon, the king of pop, the music wonder kid, the Thriller creator, , the racial trailblazer , Michael Jackson of all times.
This is the Michael Jackson I want to remember. The King of Pop was a hero and a beacon of hope to the X generation, a barrier transcender and an icon of ambition in American cultural life. What a sad ending to be everything and die the way he did as he struggled on the rugged road of life and fame.

Michael Jackson started his career as a young child actor and singer with the then Jackson Five, which later changed its name to The Jacksons. He single-handedly changed the face of music with his moonwalk moves and video clips. After working together with his brothers in the cultivation of new styles of singing and entertaining the world, Michael gradually evolved from the group to the solo performer. This turned out to be a huge success. Although their parents hung on with ups and downs that was popularized by the paparazzi and the media, Michael over time created a planet of his own with many continents of joy and sorrows. His solo performance and the achievements carved a world separate and distinct from those of other American solo singers such as Steve Wonder, Ray Charles, Bobby Brown, Usher, Prince, and many others. .

Although his huge success was at the same time a huge pain for him. One of the most unfortunate things that happened to him was the commercialization of his blackness, his eagerness to court the White World and to tap their feelings and seek their approval and acceptance. This led to the de-colorization of his skin from black to white, a pathetic display of black inferiority. This could be a false charge or perhaps he was under pressure by the entertainment world to do what he did. Interestingly enough, Michael’s problem was compounded by a medical ailment that gradually places him in the same category as the Albino. This is to say, he is black in color at birth, but nature in its games of genes and paradoxes as he watched the changing of his pigment as he progressed in his career.
After his child abuse palaver in 2005 that brought so much pain and grief to Michael, he flew away from the United States and took residence in Bahrain in the Gulf. .Forced by the harshness of his American circumstances, while in Bahrain, he was used by the Arab Sheiks and their friends just to be able to make some cash for a living. This must be heart wrenching for him. It was like a universal conspiracy to get a piece of him using his moment of humiliation. They drew him into their social universe of anger, money, pain and revenge.
No matter what happened to Michael during his 50 years on earth, he was a global hero whose accomplishments definitely paralleled the celebrated works of the likes of Fella Kuti, Charles Ray, Barrow White, Marvin Gay, BB King and other artists who had gone before us. Michael made big money; lived big; however, like many successful blacks in the entertainment world, he died in debt and at the mercy of the hustlers and hangers-on in the show business or elsewhere.
Last but not the least, I should leave my readers with the understanding that Michael Jackson was a hero whose lights will continue to shine for us “to make a better universe for you and for me” so we all can share in this historical and cultural universe either singularly or communally. Michael is now in the land of the living dead. May the Good Lord and the ancestors welcome him with joyous sounds! And fortitude to his family particularly, his three children to bear this great lost to them, and his fans. We will never allow Michael’s flame which he used to set the world aflame to be quenched.


Great piece Eucharia. We indeed lost one of the greatest artist, muscian, singer, enternainer and an Icon the world ever had. But it was unfortunate that Michael Jackson did not remedem himself before his sudden death. But he is in a better place now,

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