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Saturday, August 8, 2009
  The Year of the Child
The Year of the Child

Eucharia Mbachu
Voices of Women and

This year, the atmosphere was different, last year it was really very different and next year?

The year 2009 is a new year of hope and aspirations for the people of Africa. Three things stand out to augur hope and good expectations. The first is the growing waves of democratization in African societies and the growing realization of the international community of the rights of children and women in the world today. Last but not the least is the election of a black man as the first non-white leader of the West. These three developments in our moral and social consciousness have driven me to write this brief piece for this debate at the university and beyond. My main interest is to highlight how the lives and circumstances of the African peoples have suffered from the winds of conflict raging across the African continent. These stormy weathers have brought gloom and doom to many families with inflicting consequences of pain and hopelessness on poor uneducated women and children.
This should not be so, but due to the nature of how politics is practiced in most African countries it becomes very difficult to take serious the plight of the weakest links in that society. As a result, What we see are unimaginable pictures of Political violence, resulting in civil wars and ethnic conflicts that generate millions of refugees across the African continent with astonishing images of suffering and unnecessary death of children and women.

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