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Thursday, February 11, 2010
  The Fury of Nature

Photo by Eucharia Mbachu
The Mid-Atlantic has been hit with heavy snow storm for the couple of days and I heard it's still counting.


  How it works in Sudan

Phot by Eucharia Mbachu
A Darfurian woman coming back from the market



Despite remarkable development in Science and technology that has enhanced human development, the distribution of wealth and services remain unequal and the lack of concern among the ruling groups makes it even more disturbing as many poor families try to take care of their children. Around the globe especially in Africa, human suffering has continued to soar even as economic progress across the continent continues to be impressive.
By Eucharia Mbachu

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  The Horror of Poverty

Science and technology together are expected to make our lives better; however, many people are still suffering from horrifying poverty. The women shown in this picture has suffered from stroke for years without any medical help back in Nigeria due to the burden of poverty. Her situation came to my attention during my recent visit to Nigeria. Sensing the gravity of her situation and drawing upon my family’s willingness to collaborate to ameliorate her plight, I have promised to help this living dead who has neither money nor food to help sustain her life. With nothing but her loving smile, she inspired me to bring her case out. Please follow this story on my website at and see how you can help.

Eucharia Mbachu

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  The Blizzargdon

The anger of God, the fury of February for all the lies of the so called Global Warming has turn out to be Global Warning.
How would anyone explain this blizzargdon in the Mid- Atlantic region? This means God is still in control. Politicians can try to twist God’s creation as far as they can, but the harder they try the more God shows them who is in control. These blizzargdon photos show the glory of God.

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